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Just think about it. If the metro would donate 1p (or cent or any currency of your choice), for every payable touch in on the underground, to a charity of your choosing, then that would be a good justification for raising rail fares. I could imagine the email header!


What would our travel services need for such an undertaking, well a new interface on top of their transaction handling. I’m not aware of the technology behind our travel cards but I am confident that whenever we touch in, a unique reference that is stored on our card gets passed to some identification device, and, a database somewhere is being updated of this check-in process. That unique reference can then be checked later on another service to see whether or not you’ve been signed up to donate 1p for every payable transaction and donate that money to a holding pot. So instead of your hard-working money filling somebody’s pockets, instead its

  • Feeding someone in need
  • giving someone shelter
  • funding a really cool charitable project
  • The possibilities are endless.

Millions of transactions happen daily on travelĀ undergrounds throughout the world… I’m pretty sure that this would be a win win situation for a lot of people involved. Just think about it, even if someone steals your travel card hey they’d be doing someone a favour.

Dane Alexander