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Fighting Hunger In The First World

Fighting Hunger In The First World

I used to help out my cousin in a Chinese Food Restaurant. Every night we used to throw away 2-3 large garbage bags of perfectly good edible food. I used to wonder about how many restaurants, stores and eateries are doing these things, yet in cities all over the world people are basically finding it very difficult to find even a single grain of rice to stave off hunger.

Well having said that my idea is a pretty simple one. Build a service whose main goal is to handle food that’s being thrown away, to clean (if possible) and distribute within a short time to the people who really need it. We have the technology to cryogenically freeze someone (HA HA HA) why can’t we do that to preserve perfectly good food from getting spoilt. We also have the technology to detect bad fruits and veggies (BBC Link To Article) , why can’t that be altered to check the food to see if it is “going off”.

Build a service that restaurants (with the confidence to actually partake in, change some laws)  can hook into via an alerting mechanism for the pickup service to come and take away unwanted food. Pass it through a checking and cleansing process then distribute to   those in need.

How does a company like this make money to be self sustainable. The idea of hooking into the service means that restaurants actually pay to use the service in the first place. Seeing that this society is trying to be green healthy and for the people, I believe some restaurants, eateries would pay for this service and hence become more reputable as an “honest” company.

Tell me what you think about this? Why it’s feasible or not?

Dane Alexander