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This video from code.org has brought back so many memories of my journey to becoming a coder. To make a long story short coming from the caribbean, coding was basically a skill that only the elite of the elite had on the humble island of Antigua. However, with the power of the internet I was basically able to self teach myself how to code in my first language of PHP. I would never forget the day that I actually installed it correctly and showed the phpinfo() output to the browser screen. From that day on my world changed forever.

I credit code.org for making this video because what coding teaches you is how to solve problems even real world problems. Problems that you face on a day to day basis. Problems that the world faces. I believe that with technology we can eradicate poverty, end world hunger, end unnecessary violence the list goes on. I know its a tall order but lets begin with this statement:

—- code begins —-

using savingtheworld;

namespace OnceCountryAtaAtime{

public object[] DoSomethingGoodOneDayAtATime();


—– code ends —–

We just need to define more of this structure.

Dane Alexander